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We are 22nd Century Natural Hair Products, a company that creates hair care products with all natural ingredients. Our goal is to provide quality products for your hair so you can maintain healthy hair.  We believe in the importance of using natural ingredients in our hair care products because they don’t contain chemicals or additives that could do more harm than good. We use only ingredients that are easily absorbed by the scalp and helpful in maintaining healthy hair.  In our quest to find the best natural hair products, we have been through a lot of trial and error. We found that there were tons of options out there but what we needed was something special. The perfect product for natural hair shouldn't weigh down curls, should be free of sulfates and fillers, and should use sustainable ingredients. That's when we created our Shampoo Bar and Conditioner, a perfect combination to start your natural hair journey off right with all natural ingredients.  If you are interested in growing your hair long and healthy, 22nd Century Natural Products is right for you!  Your hair deserves better!

It has the power to heal and renew itself naturally when provided with all natural products that nourish it on a cellular level. We’re not doctors but we are natural hair care experts who have dedicated our lives to providing the best products possible for your hair.  Whether you want to add volume, soften your hair, increase your shine, or just make sure your hair is clean and healthy, 22nd Century Natural Hair Products is the answer!  Our products are designed to be used by all hair types, even if you have chemically processed or colored hair.  We offer start up kits, which makes it easy to use try our staple products at once. The formula of our shampoo bars is designed to gently cleanse and remove buildup without stripping hair of natural oils. This formula is perfect for everyday use or for those with oily, curly or coarse hair. Our products are sulfate and silicone free, making them perfect for all hair types. They contain no artificial fragrance or color and leave hair soft, manageable and smelling good. Use our shampoos and our conditioners and you will see an amazing difference in the health and beauty of your hair.  Your hair will thank you, it's like gourmet food for your hair. The ingredients in our products are safe for your hair and also safe for the environment. Our products are made in the USA and we only use sustainable, all natural ingredients.  We are a company that believes in doing business ethically and with integrity. We stand behind our products 100%.

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