Natural Hair Care - Conditioning the Hair

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to the second part of our Natural Hair Care Series; this blog will cover 22nd Century conditioners.  I receive a lot of questions about using our Conditioners, so like the shampoo bar, I wanted to give you some extra info that can help you on your natural hair journey.  When I first created the Deep Conditioner, my hair needed moisture after washing with the shampoo bar.  Again, the store bought products did not work for me because they didn't seem to completely nourish and moisturize my hair. These Conditioners contained cones and fillers that clog up the hair pores.  Straight hair has a hollow hair shaft that benefits from these fillers which in turn appears to give body and fill the hair with nutrients.  Also, usually store bought conditioners are cream based that coat curly hair while clogging up the pores without nourishing it from the inside out.  The cream based conditioners did not penetrate my hair shafts because my strands are tightly coiled like most curly heads.  I needed a different option to give me a solution that would provide moisture for a longer period of time. The shampoo bar softens hard crunchy hair and cleanses the scalp and hair of all the gunk that accumulated over time.  Usually, hard crunchy hair is caused by using the wrong products which takes up too much space in our hair.  The funny thing I find with most Curlies is they think that is the hair in which they were born.  Every curly knows that our hair can be different and difficult to get a comb thru, as we were taught by society.  The conditioner helps us manage and control our hair, or tame the fro for combing or styling.  It is great for detangling in and out of the shower.  I also use it on my girls hair to get them ready for braiding.  This simply puts shine and waves back into their hair.  After using it, the fly away hair and frizz disappears.

The 22nd Century Deep Conditioner is made with nutrient filled raw Shea butter and moisturizing conditioning olive oil.  It is more potent than the Mild Conditioner meaning it is more thick for thick bulky hard to condition hair.  After curly hair dries, it shrinks and curls back on itself, but the conditioner acts as food for the hair so that curls shrink back more slowly.  It feeds the hair strands from within to give our hair moisture so that it thrives and looks shiny and lively. Due to the pure ingredients it contains, there is no worries about harmful ingredients filling your hair strands.  At the same time, the conditioner combined with the shampoo bar rids pollutants from the hair and scalp thereby doing some major Detoxing (See our Detox Kit).  Also, this Conditioner can be left overnight so that your hair will have a longer period to feed and receive nutrients.  Choose to rinse it out completely, or leave some traces of it behind.  This is totally fine and is up to you because you are in control.  Thick or low porous hair can really benefit from the Deep Conditioner.  At the same time, Thin or high porous hair can benefit from mild conditioner.   Low porous hair strand shafts are usually closed.  This makes it harder for water and conditioners to penetrate the hair.  For example, if your hair takes longer to get wet, and water seems to bounce off, then your hair is low porous and the Deep Conditioner works well for your hair.  This type of hair can be thicker than others and harder to style.  After some time in the shower using the shampoo bar, my hair finally gets wet and then the Deep Conditioner is applied in sections.  This has to happen before my hair dries so the Deep Conditioner can work its magic.  Years back, we reworked our formula to accommodate Curlies who like less oil so that just enough protection is left on the hair. Now, Curlies with high porous hair don't have to worry about their hair being over loaded and over conditioned.  Everyone can benefit from our conditioners now.  It is also versatile enough for you to use it intensely or lightly.  You are in control.  This means you save money!  The Mild Conditioner provides the same benefits and nutrients as the Deep Conditioner.  You can rinse out the Conditioner immediately, after a few hours, or after leaving it in overnight for maximum results.  Deep Conditioning treatments done longer than 45 minutes should only be done when the hair is really dry and need a lot of moisture.  Otherwise, you should do 30 minute conditioning sessions on a regular basis. It can also be used with a low heating cap up to 45 minutes to quicken your Deep Conditioning session during those dry times.  It is best to find out what your hair likes and afterwards you must keep feeding it the treats it likes.  This is how you grow your best hair.  Finding a steady routine is key and staying with that routine produces great results.  I know the different styles, cuts, colors, etc. can be tempting, but if your goal is long hair then keep these to a minimal.  That is the price for long hair; low manipulation.  Whatever your preference, the Conditioner can provide your curly or wavy hair with the nutrients and moisture to keep it strong, shiny, and healthy.  Reducing tangles in the hair is a MUST, because tangles can stop you from gaining length.  Are you fresh out of Braids?  We got your back and can help save some hair by melting away tangles first.  Yes, you can apply our Deep Conditioner to an old dry hairstyle without wetting it to melt away tangles to save your thickness and length.  Now that is a major relief!  And oh, did we tell you? Now, they rinse out easily too!!!

Stay tuned and I will cover the special conditioners at a later time.  Peace and Love!