Natural Hair Care - Shampoo Bar

So you are new to natural products?  I get a lot of the same questions, from new people coming to  Moorket or my YouTube Channel, about using our products and about the first steps to getting their hair healthy.  I will be starting a new video series soon, on YouTube going over the products and how to use them as a 1st Timer on a natural hair journey.  This can be good for those that are not new but looking for a refresher.  I will start this series off by discussing the staple of my product line; the 22nd Century Moisturizing Shampoo Bar.  The washing process is the first and most important aspect to healthy hair no matter your hair length goals.  For those that are considering growing your hair so that you can transition to natural hair, the shampoo bar can be helpful.  There is a science when it comes to using these magical bars that can transform your hair from brittle to soft.  We usually find that people with curly hair are sometimes clueless of the importance of the wash process to growing long and/or healthy hair.  I cannot stress it enough, that the washing process is the staple and most important part to growing long and/or healthy hair.  Curly hair tends to curl up at the root, therefore clearing the pores of dirt, oil, and sweat gives the hair root room to breathe and grow.  I usually cannot go over a week without a wash or a quick wash to free my scalp of gunk.  Gunk can be a mixture of sebum, dirt, oil, and can also be product buildup.  Please remember that your hair is alive and a part of you.  Everything that is alive needs love and attention to grow healthy and strong.  This is where my shampoo bars hit a home run!  My bars are special because they clean the scalp and hair without stripping all of your natural oils so the hair can remain moisturized.  For those with dreads or braids, the shampoo bar can be used against your scalp without interfering with your locs.  Most shampoos on the market are formulated especially for people with straight hair.  Straight hair has to be cleaned of all oil down to the scalp.  For curly hair this is detrimental because our strands thrive with some protection.  My 22nd Century Moisturizing Shampoo Bar cleans without stripping to give you a good start to the first step in setting up a routine that works for you and your hair.  Although my bars come in various scents some scents have different properties but the fundamental result is the same; clean scalp and hair.  

Lavender Bar: Great for scalp health and helps to thicken and grow hair.

Peppermint Bar: Great for scalp stimulation which leads to strong hair roots.

Citrus Bar: Great for clean scalp and shiny fragrant hair. 

Tea Tree Bar: Great for dandruff and scalp problems. 

Flower Rose Bar: Smells like roses.

Jasmine Bar: Smells like jasmine.

No Scent Bar: Great for allergy sufferers and children.

Mango Bar: Great for Vegans and shea butter allergy sufferers. 

Men Bar: Relaxing scent for men. 

Stay Tuned for the video part of this discussion, and stay tuned for the next product lesson.