Notorious Unhealthy 7 Natural Hair Sins

You got it, I am going to tell the truth about sins of the hair that will prevent hair health and overall hair growth. If you have goals of the hair that includes length, health, and overall fabulousness then you have to make sure to avoid these sins as much as possible. Why do I call them the seven hair sins? I found these seven practices to do damage to the hair very quickly and in the shortest amount of time. There are other sins of the hair but right now I am focusing on these because of their popularity by most women. I would suggest to avoid these hair sins so that you will be on your way to beautiful natural hair as the Creator gave you.

Hair Sin #1- Frequent Heat

If you want your lovely curls to thrive and stay looking alive with bounce and fervor, then it is wise to avoid heat on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Heat drains the natural curly hair of its most precious life source - moisture. Yes, that's right ladies I said it! Moisture is the life blood of our hair and heat of course takes all water from the hair. I know most of us like that dry straight hair look, so I suggest only once or twice a year is more than enough for heat. If you use frequent heat it might not seem like you are doing damage at first but eventually the hair shaft will become weak, split, and break. Those curls will go limp and become unmanageable and the dread big chop is needed again. And who wants to do a big chop more than once? I know I do not want to go thru that again. Be careful of heat training your hair so that you can have that straight dry hair look because it can lead to damage and lifeless damaged curls.

Hair Sin #2 - Chemical Filled Artificial Hair: Tight Braids and Sew-ins

I know there are a lot of ladies out there that do not want me to tell the truth about this hair sin but I am here to inform. Hair Sin #2 creates bald spots and hair loss, and nothing can be worse for a woman. Younger women do not see this early because it rears its ugly head a few years later. Using artificial hair is a popular practice when getting tight braids or sew-ins. Tight braids, sew-ins and even glue causes hair damage by constantly pulling on the scalp. The hair bulbs will eventually give up and go into rebellion by not producing hair in certain spots. An alarming rate of young teenage girls are being allowed to wear wigs and hair pieces not knowing the damage it will cause later. Wearing chemically filled artificial hair such as wigs at a young age is not smart nor healthy for the hair. Young girls hair are still growing and the need for wigs and artificial hair is not more important because it stunts their knowledge of how to care for the natural hair in which they were born. This may cause them to use these types of head dress before it was traditionally needed. Grandmothers usually wore wigs to church or to the store because of hair balding. Chemicals are used during wig making and it is up to you to know what is on you and your daughters head. You have to really research to know the source of your so called real hair wig. The demand for artificial hair has rose significantly, there are millions of women standing in line to shave their heads so that women can have so called real hair wigs? Women need to really think about this because you might be hoodwinked. It is believeddue to the high demand for wigs and extensions hair is being cut from cadavers (dead bodies). Who knows what spells have been cast on that hair. It is not wise to open yourself up to that kind of intrusion without knowing everything involved. The hair being used only comes from a certain population and hair does not grow back that fast for women to stand in line to give away their hair.Chemicals are used to disinfect and kill insects but it does not always get the eggs left on the hair. Again, you will have to research for your own well being. If you catch yourself acting strange after applying a wig you may know why. :) (just a little humor).

Hair Sin #3 - Numerous Product Chemical Cocktails

Shopping for numerous hair products is a favorite past time for some of us, and researching the ingredients are not a priority. Looking at the packaging is the only clue some of us need to think that what's inside is good for our hair. It is unwise to not do your homework and know the many names of ingredients that you are putting on your precious scalp and hair. You will have to know how these ingredients react to your hair and if they eventually cause health problems. Numerous products can have certain reactions when combined and it is intelligent to know what you are using in and on your body if you have love for self. It is good to keep things simple that way you will know what works and what does not on your beautiful curls to achieve ultimate hair growth and health.

Hair Sin #4 - Clogged Scalp

Whether you know it or not the scalp does get clogged like rusty pipes under that old kitchen sink, and we curly hair women have to keep those pores clear of dirt, oil, and other scalp gunk to make sure that our hair has a good chance of growing long. A clogged scalp can lead to major hair fall and decreased growth rates. Your scalp knows when you are cleaning it and clearing the way for long healthy hair. Only you know what your scalp feels like when it is clean and free of gunk, and using a fingernail to test will give you a good idea. Be aware of what you use to clean your scalp. Clogged scalps tend to have sebum and dead skin in the mix and maybe with leftover residue from chemical cocktails. That white residue of sebum sitting on the scalp blocks and smothers your hair strands. Clean those scalps to give yourself a clean slate to grow that hair, ladies! Be fully aware that water only washing after using oils and butters creates buildup. It may be beneficial to clean the scalp with a natural cleaner every now and then to keep the scalp pores open.

Hair Sin #5 - Super Dry Hair

Super dry hair is very detrimental to your hair journey because it causes the hair to break easily during styling or maintenance. Curly hair begins to lose moisture in about 3 days and knowing when your hair is deprived of moisture is very important. Healthy hair is well moisturized because that is the life blood of your hair and like a plant without water the hair will not grow. Locking in moisture is an important practice after wash that will allow the hair to feed and grow. Water is a key element to healthy long natural hair and the more water put into the hair the more the curl stretches out. Heat dries the hair and robs the hair of life blood, which is why the hair straightens with flat irons and perm. Waiting long periods of time to put water back into the hair is like waiting long periods of time to feed a crying baby. The hair needs its water like a baby needs milk. Be sure to avoid super dry hair when styling and overall maintenance. Scarves are a great way to allow your hair to keep in moisture at night. Sometimes a simple hair rinsing is good and remember to deep condition when needed. Always keep a spray bottle or rinse between wash days to treat your hair to a little moisture.

Hair Sin #6 - Artificial Hair Dye

I know lately that women have become used to coloring their hair red, blonde, brown, etc., but artificial hair dye can be damaging to natural hair. Dye can destroy curls by changing their natural hair pattern. The dye replaces water in the hair shaft and causes dry hair, which means conditioning more often than usual. Remember ladies dyes contain chemical cocktails that can be damaging.

Hair Sin #7 - Glue

If there are women out there that are still using glue to attach hair pieces it is important to stop, as they create bald spots and high hair lines. If it was done in your past then you know what I am talking about. Each time glue is used to piece on hair loss of precious hair buds occur. I know this was a trend and maybe more women have gone to sew-ins, but the long run damage may have been the cause of a lot of women losing their hair. We must take better care of the scalp and hair. The hair line is filled with fine so called "baby hair" that can be pulled out in an instant. Constant pulling and tugging on the hair line can cause thinning and bald spots and make you look like a balding man with a receding hair line.

So the Next time a rapper, actor, or other so called famous person starts a trendy hairstyle; Ask yourself, "What am I sacrificing now? How do I see my hair in the future? And, Do I want to wear wigs and pieces the rest of my life to cover my early years of damaging hair practices?" These are questions one must ask themselves sincerely and not thinking will lead to repercussions later that will make you sad. Trends and fashion is not worth your over health and longtime healthy hair.

Until Next Time

Peace and Love