Some Basics of Natural Hair Products

If you are having trouble selecting the right natural products for your hair, then let’s chat for a second.  If you are like me then I am sure you are interested in feeding your body as well as your hair, healthy foods.  There is a saying, your health is your wealth, and there is nothing richer than a queen with her crown.  Throughout history, women of all backgrounds cherished their hair as part of their essence.  It makes up a large part of their identity.  Everyone should want to be healthy although our busy lives can get in the way of making the right choices.  I am here to help you make the right choices as it concerns your hair.  Let’s talk about selecting the right natural products for healthy hair.  Although, long healthy hair cannot be accomplished overnight, you can beautify your hair over night and make it shine by feeding it good food.  If you remain diligent and continue the process the inches will follow.  When using 22nd Century Natural Products you can be assured our handmade natural products are made with pure natural ingredients. We advise if customers begin using products that are not ours, remember to detox your hair before switching back to using our products again.  We were informed, that customers thought they were using products that were natural and therefore did not need to detox.  I am aware that we all like variety and sometimes people want to try new things.  So, when you try new hair products, be aware that not all products are truly natural or organic even though it is stated on the label.  Big companies that sell hair products noticed the trend towards natural and/or organic products, therefore they have invested big marketing dollars into their labels.  Be wary of the complex wording for ingredients, as one almost requires a PHD in chemistry to understand the terms.  Regular searches and databases are also not telling us the entire truth.  A lot of these ingredients can clog the hair pores and shafts with fillers and plastic. This can prevent your hair from absorbing natural products, therefore a detox is needed to cleanse the hair pores and shafts.  We try to only use ingredients that are pure with no chemical compounds, so the hair will drink and eat all the goodness in our products.  Be careful because most products may say they contain herbs and butters, but the amounts are usually between 1% to 5% and the other 95% is water and fillers.  If you are searching for clues to feed the best natural products to your hair, then search for products with ingredients that are easy to pronounce.  This way you can look and find them online with ease.  You shouldn’t have to search for hours just to find out the properties and effects of one ingredient.  No one should need a PHD just to find good wholesome products for their hair.  Sometimes simple is better!

Hopefully this information helps you choose wisely on your natural hair journey!

Peace & Love!