Hello, My Natural Hair Beauties!  Mask restrictions have eased and the summer is approaching fast.  I am sure that everyone is looking for a little relaxation in the sun.  I am often asked; What is the best way to prevent frizzy hair in the summer time?  And, what would be the best products to start with this summer?  Hopefully this blog can help answer these questions for the upcoming summer season.  

The summer is a time where there is more moisture in the air.  Our curly hair frizzes up when there is too much moisture in the air.  The closer you live to water the more moisture is in the air.  You may have noticed that in the winter, cold air is dry because it holds less moisture than warm air.  The humidity is low because the moisture is quickly sucked up into the air and evaporates more quickly from your body.  This is why the skin is drier during winter months.  Warm air can hold more water vapor (moisture) than cold air.  To help lay down your hair you can use the Ruby Hair Gel.  It can hold your twist outs, braid outs, or slick back your pony tails.  This will relieve your hair of the tiresome frizzes popping out.  Using a scarf in combination to set your hair in place will do wonders to your hair style.  There is no more hiding under hats and masks.  Seize the beauty of summer with your own beauty by taming fly-away or control pesky frizz with Twisting Cream or Herbal Pomade.

The cold months can be drying and hard on our hair.  Dare not spring into the hot season without doing a deep conditioning treatment for at least 45 minutes to return the moisture.  Be sure to keep the hair and scalp clean with a wash.  This allows the scalp to breathe and take on the nutrients of natural products.  For those that prefer a liquid shampoo the Liquid Lovely Shampoo can help jump start your scalp.  Lather up twice to experience super clean shiny hair.  

Now you should be ready for the warm weather and slow return to a bit of normal life.  Peace and Love Everyone!