Winter Hair Tips

It is wintertime in some places, and if you want to keep all your successes and growth from the summer, you must take some important steps to keep your hair healthy during the cold winter months. Hair care is a big deal these days; many people do not realize that they need to take care of their hair every day and with each change of season your habits must change when it concerns keeping your hair healthy.People wear hats in the wintertime for a reason, and that is to protect the hair until you reach your destination.  If your hair is too big for a hat, then invest in a scarf to wrap your hair. The trees know better not to let their leaves exist in the winter, because they will die during the winter months if they are not made to survive.  People also must deal with the issues of winter, and we are of course talking about, hair. If you have very thick hair, it is not easy to maintain a styling routine in the cold months of winters. Thicker hair needs more water to penetrate the hair shaft, but no one can walk around with their hair soaked in the winter.  Mothers tell their children all the time to put something on their head or they will catch pneumonia.  Going out with wet hair will make one sick, and with all the viruses spreading around now, we cannot be crazy.  People with thinner hair also cannot walk around with wet hair although their hair may air dry faster.  Cold air makes the air drying process slower.  So, now you may ask; “What do I need to do to prepare my hair for winter?”  Let me share with you some tips that can save your natural hair.  I am always on the lookout for ways to keep my hair healthy and these products I use are the ones that will do it!  Applying a leave in conditioner like “ Leave n Soft Conditioner ” to the hair prior to wrapping before you leave home, can help protect the hair from harsh weather.  You always want to make sure the hair is well conditioned in the wintertime.  Using a Conditioner like “ Curls Alive Deep Conditioner ” to keep hair shiny and moisturized for days. You can apply this conditioner and the effects will last a few days.It is important in the winter to keep your moisture levels up because winter is brutal on the water levels in your hair.  Conditioner is key and will help keep the hair hydrated for days.  Finally, if you wear a hat, be sure your hat is satin, or silk lined to make sure your curls will not get snagged.  These steps will help ensure your hair will stay glorious and moisturized until the Summer Season comes back.  Keeping up good hair habits during winter will make sure your progress is not thwarted.  You have to keep building on your successes to have healthy hair all year round.  Stay warm and keep that curls growing!

Peace and Love!