Colors of the Earth Henna Kit

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Color of the Earth Henna Kit contain 100% pure henna and is a natural, safe, and effective hair coloring solution to dye your hair at home. Henna is a plant with a long history of use as a hair dye. You can dye your grays away with our chemical free kit. Henna does double for your hair by coloring it naturally and strengthening it all in one shot! A must have for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to traditional hair dying methods. Our unique formula gives your hair a brilliant, long-lasting color and dramatically strengthens weak or damaged hair.  The color is permanent and can be used as often as preferred.

This product is easy to order and very easy to use, product instructions are easy to follow.

There are two sizes for your preference;

Big Kit is for shoulder up to waist length hair,

Small Kit is for hair that is chin to shoulder length or for small Afros to ear length hair.

Choose between three levels of colors;

1-reddish copper,

2-light to medium brown, and

3-dark brown to jet black.

  • Big Kit - Level 3 Includes 1 pound of Premixed Henna, Indigo Powder is 5 oz with gloves. Must be used upon arrival or refrigerated.
  • Big Kit - Level 2 Includes 1 pound of Premixed Henna with gloves. Must be used upon arrival or refrigerated.
  • Big Kit - Level 1 Includes 1 pound of Premixed Henna with gloves. Must be used upon arrival or refrigerated.


  • Small Kit - Level 3 Includes 1/2 pound of Premixed Henna, Indigo Powder is 3oz with gloves. Must be used upon arrival or refrigerated.
  • Small Kit - Level 2 Includes 1/2 pound of Premixed Henna with gloves. Must be used upon arrival or refrigerated.
  • Small Kit - Level 1 Includes 1/2 pound of Premixed Henna with gloves. Must be used upon arrival or refrigerated.


Ingredients: Pure Organic Sifted Henna (Lawsonia Intermis), Organic Pure Indigo, Organic Pure Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica),  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Distilled Water.

Refrigerate for longer storage. 

**Note: Results will vary based on individual hair and length of time mixture left on hair. Mixture will not turn black hair a different color. Hair has to be gray or light brown in order for you to notice results. 

Please Note:  Our Henna is triple sifted and will not leave chunks in your curls.

Product Reviews

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Henna dye
Written by Nik on Aug 25th 2021

Honestly, I’ve gone to the Indian market and purchased the henna in the green box and left it on over night. I washed it out and my gray hair stares back at me like what’s up (doesn’t even turn that copper red). So nope, not gonna spend my money on that anymore. The first place I’ve ever bought henna was with 22ndcentury and my hair was black and looked NATURALLY BLACK. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

Written by Margaret Hill on Jun 27th 2021

will reddish or dark brown , color the gray

Written by Margaret Hill on Feb 11th 2021

good product, I will be ordering it again

Third time buyer
Written by Taneisha on Aug 20th 2020

Great quality. Blended smoothly. Great results. Grays covered after applying indigo. My only issue this time from the previous times I've used this product, is that I had small foreign particles in the henna mix. Almost like it was sifted properly. Eventually washed out with conditioner. But this wont stop me from getting this mix. Best on the market.

Great strengthener
Written by Tyler Converse on Jun 21st 2020

My hair felt STRONG immediately after I rinsed the henna out. Great product. I used the deep conditioner afterwards to rebalance and add moisture levels afterwards. I was worried because it was pre-mixed, but it turned out to be exactly the time and hassle saver I was looking for. Follow the instructions and you will reap the rewards.

Henna level 3-small
Written by Taneisha on Jun 18th 2020

Kudos to package improvement. Henna mixture is smooth, perfection blended. No dripping or mess, glides on the hair easily. For shoulder length hair, big large kit. I had the exact amount of henna, but had to use additional indigo. That amount of indigo will not do Otherwise hair came out beautiful. All grays covered Condition after for sure, with your best moisturizing conditioner and products. A+

Henna and Indigo kit
Written by Yolanda McBride on Mar 2nd 2020

I absolutely love this product! I love Henna but I hate to mix the powders. Moorket has done an amazing job for helping us that hate to mix the product. My only regret is that I purchased the small kit vs the large kit.

Written by LYSTRA BRAUMULLER on Sep 23rd 2019

This is the 2nd time I've ordered the Henna and all I can say is Thank you for taking all the guess work out of mixing it. The products came as ordered and I did an overnight treatment this time. Love the way the color turned out and that it gives that coppertone look to my grey hair. It's like very suttle "highlights" I don't use the indigo because my hair is an "off black" . I followed the treatment with a deep conditioner. After that I applied my oil (which is Olive Oil) and applied the leave in conditioner from your products as well. This time my hair is super, super....did I say super Yes, super soft and no tanglels or dryness. Love, Love, Love this product, as well as all the other products I have ordered for the past 3 years. Thank you so much for helping us on our natural hair journey. Lots of Blessings , Lystra

Good, but...
Written by Garry on Jul 7th 2019

I love the convenience of pre-mixed henna. However, in hindsight, it may not have been a good idea to rub into scalp as I experienced a little burning and hair loss, I don't know if my hair was actually coming out or was just suspended in my strands following finger detangling of a long period of having braids in. I also purchased the product with indigo. The indigo turned my copper greys bronze and not indigo as hoped. :( Perhaps it was just technique or something. I don't know. Also, it would have helped to have instructions included in the package along with the promised second set of gloves to apply indigo henna. I had to buy some to finish the process., Still, I'm a huge fan of all of your products and will give it another go from what I've learned.

Henna Dye kit
Written by Marjorie thomas on May 21st 2019

This henna dye is saving grace for me. It covers all my grays, which leaves them red so my hair looks like I have highlighted it. I get to keep my natural look. So beautiful.

Henna Dye Kit
Written by Sheila A McGaw on Apr 5th 2019

I thought I had ordered the wrong color the light brown Henna. But once I followed the instructions and I seen the results it was amazing!. The Henna Dye Kit was simple to use. Thank you so much 22nd Century Natural Woman and may God continue to bless you!!!

Henna Dye
Written by Marjorie Thomas on Feb 5th 2019

I love it it covers my gray and leave the rest of the hair black

Henna kit
Written by Tonya B on Oct 22nd 2018

Henna kit with Indigo did not take after I followed the directions carefully. I will try again next time.

Written by on Aug 28th 2018

Long process, but simple when planned & in a controlled environment. Extensive grey around front edges & randomly throughout. I had trust in Moorket when i saw the copper color after applying the Henna. Once Indigo was rinsed out, the results were superb. The hair felt strengthened, easier to detangle & a looser curl pattern. My hair is very curly & tangles on itself, so the looser curls decreased breakage & allowed fingers to run through for the first time. Very impressed & await the passage of time for greater result. Thank you Moorket for sharing unselfishly, for r I do love my tresses & want the best for them.

Henna kit
Written by Marjorie Thomas on Aug 21st 2018

I love how it made my hair feel strong but there is one thing I do not like and that it dry's out my hair

First time purchase of henna kit
Written by Patricia Cox on Aug 5th 2018

First using henna to color hair. Got lovely brown color. I had left in hair for about 4 hours. Colored my grays, missed a couple on my temple area, I think I was nervous about staining. I'll get them next treatment. Thank you.

Written by Tracy R Roy on May 31st 2018

This product has never failed me once, My hair absolutely loves it! All you really need is a little patience, because the product certainly goes a long way. It's all ready prepared for me, what more could I ask for? This is definitely a staple for my hair regime. Thank You Again 22nd Century Women, u did it again!

I just want to say thank
Written by Marie Christina Joseph on May 25th 2018

I hope you have the

Henna kit
Written by Benita Hill on May 17th 2018

I used the products last night and it worked wonderfully. Will definitely order again. Instructions were easy to follow.

First Henna Kit Treatment
Written by Stephanie Brooks on Feb 16th 2018

Great overall experience with this product. This was my first time trying henna in my hair. I was pleased with the results. My grays are now an auburn brown color and shines nicely in the sun! I forgot to put shea butter around my edges so it was a bit sticky to get off the skin of my face---but lesson learned for next time! My husband even tried it on the grays in his mustache and it also looks great! Thanks!

Henna Dye Kit
Written by Janine on Jan 14th 2018

This product is Awesome, really creamy and completely covered my gray...nice red highlights that I plan to go over with lighter brown to really get that auburn infusion. The small was large enough to split into smaller zip lock bags and freeze for later. I'll definitely buy again!!

Like the color
Written by Madeline Wilson on Jan 12th 2018

There were no instructions and the small package was big for my short hair. I had a lot left over. can it be preserved?

Written by D. Cuyler on Dec 20th 2017

I applied henna, and left on for 5hrs. I ordered the level 2, it covered my gray for the most part. I don't know if it was too strong for me, I noticed a began to have a headache, and the smell was very strong of tea?, or some herbs. I rinsed my hair about four times,and use deep conditioner on my hair, left conditioner on for three hours. I noticed after I rinsed out the conditioner, I still had henna residue on my scalp. My scalp was very itchy, and I would wipe my scalp and the henna color was on my towel, from my scalp. IDK, maybe this product was too strong for me, and by the way....I did wash rinsed until water ran clean..still residue. Very Very Itchy scalp .

Best blended Henna
Written by Martha Duncan on Dec 14th 2017

My henna was very smooth and creamy. It had no clumps and went on easy.

Something New
Written by Pat on Dec 14th 2017

First of all I like to thank you for saving me the time that I would have had to go through mixing it up .a little bit messy and I had so much of it I put some in the freezer I don't know if it's going to work but that's what I did Thanks again.

Henna Dye kit
Written by Juneann Heyward on Nov 29th 2017

I am in love so far! I love that it is homemade, pre-mixed, and done with love and attention. The small size is very big (smiling.) No complaonts. I do not have a lot of hair, and hope that the rest keeps in the freezer for next time.

Great subtlty
Written by Rhonda Teague on Nov 24th 2017

The henna was great in covering my silvers in the areas I didn't want shown just yet and I left my silver streak on top/front on my hair. None of my 24/7 childcare clients noticed and that's what I wanted- subtle change. The next application will be the same coverage, leaving my silver streak in front. I followed the instructions carefully and am ecstatic with my results. Well done!

This product came without instructions on how to apply this product, so I have not been able to use it yet until I can find out how to apply the product.
Written by Juneau McNair on Nov 24th 2017

When a product is purchased, it is assumed that the instructions would be included. How is a person supposed to know how to apply this product. I should not have to search the internet for the instructions. I am very disappointed.

Written by Miss An on Nov 12th 2017

I purchase this product for my mother so she can dye her hair. The premises and the steps very sample to use. You could barely see an gray hair, so the product worked. Make sure you moisturize the hair because it will be dry and hard after, but then you should be fine. I'm giving this product a 4 only because the process took a long time. But it's a good product.

henna dye, small
Written by nadine M. on Nov 7th 2017

I dreaded the fact that I had to dye my hair because of the effect that previous hair color product had on my scalp. I used to get a bad headache every time. I was just so concerned and miserable so, when I saw your product, it was an answer to my prayer, seriously! I tried it and it came out so vibrant, I love it. Best of all, no headache. Great product. keep up the good work. P.s. my hair is short so I do have a lot of it left, but I hope that you invest in the resealable bags. Thanks again!

small henna kit indigo
Written by Sameerah Ali on Oct 16th 2017

I was hoping to get get within 3-5 days but it came after 8 days. All the items were present as promised. This was my first time using henna and it would have been helpful to have directions within the kit to follow. Fortunately, I went to website to get instructions. I'm pleased with the purchase and will definitely buy again.

Henna dye kit is beyond amazing
Written by Yolanda McBride on Oct 10th 2017

I love the attention to detail the gloves, the premixed henna was truly a gift from God, the comb and the mixing bowls. Please do not ever stop making this kit I fell in love with how easy everything in it.

Good Job 22 Century Woman!
Written by Carol on Sep 25th 2017

I have never tried to color my hair b4. I was nervous but I thought Henna would be safer than chemical dye. This henna was wonderful. It was easy to use and my hair felt strong also. It covered my greys perfectly. Will be purchasing more!

Written by Tracy on Sep 13th 2017

This product is amazing!! I finally get to color my hair and have it healthy at the same time, doesn't get any better than this. I will definitely add this to my hair regime for now on :D. Thank you 22nd Century Natural Women.