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This Exfoliating Body Scrub is a product that effectively removes dry dead skin cells without stripping vital moisture from your skin. It is great for all skin types, especially dry skin, and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. It has a mild yet effective blend of essential oils that are soothing to the skin. You can use this product daily or as often as needed, depending on the type of skin you have. You can exfoliate your face or body with this product. It also includes natural ingredients such as pure cane sugar and raw organic honey. Exfoliation is good for your skin because it removes dead skin cells and helps prevent the buildup of dead skin cells on your skin. If you want healthy young-looking skin, then this product is great for you.





Ingredients: Organic Pure Cane Sugar, Raw Organic Honey, Organic Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Organic Orange Extract or/ Organic Lemon Extract, Organic Essential Oil Blend.  Comes in 8 ounces - Plain, Lemon, and Orange Scents. 











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22nd Century Natural Products Body Scrub
Written by E. Brooks on Mar 12th 2019

I purchased for myself but my son loves this body scrub. He says it cleanses and moisturizes his skin very well. He loves the orange fragrance also. He works in production where there is a lot of particles that gets into his skin and he says this body scrub takes care of removing the unwanted particles. So I guess I will be ordering again and again. He is very particular about what goes on his skin so this has to be a REALLY GREAT PRODUCT. Thanks again for an amazing product.