Intense Protein Conditioner

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This Intense Protein Conditioner is a deep conditioning treatment that leaves the hair stronger, shinier, and more moisturized. If you suffer from hair damage or have hair problems then this is for you! Great for people that use blow drying and flat irons. Also, if you do hot combing, hot curling, perming, roller setting, hair coloring (Chemical or Natural), or have high porous hair, this conditioner is for you. It contains hydrolyzed keratin protein to help give your hair a boost and leave it more manageable. It has no alcohol which makes it suitable for all types of hair, even the most sensitive. Oils and proteins protect the hair from environmental damages. This product helps increase hair health which encourages hair growth.  Bring your lifeless curls back to life again!
Ingredients: Purified Water, Raw Organic Shea Butter, Organic Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Organic Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus officinalis), Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Xanthan Gum, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, Natural Preservative, Organic Essential Oil Blend. 

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5 stars
Written by Israel on Jun 4th 2022

I absolutely love this product and what it does to my hair. I use it once every week. My hair has less breakage & feels stronger. In fact it’s grow to waist length in the little time I’ve been using this product.

Protein conditioner
Written by Delana Conway on Sep 12th 2021

Not only do I like the fact that the protein conditioner is a mix of protein and conditioner. But most importantly that you don't need to deep condioner I knew the protein worked in my hair because of how my curls looked, but also how my hair felt.

Intense Protein Conditioner
Written by Elan on Jun 16th 2021

Your videos just appeared on my feed one day within the past month. Thank you for all these wonderful products, the knowledge, and the tools you have shared. The intense protein treatment, along with your other products stopped my hair fall.... I washed with the shampoo bar, applied hair stew, deep condition.... next morning, detox, intense protein, hair stew mixed with deep conditioner. 80% hair fall decrease, same for breakage. Amazing is what this was. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don't know how they do it but it works!
Written by Rocio Savelesky on May 25th 2021

This conditioner works so well for my 3c/4a hair type. I've tried all kinds of commercial conditioners ($$$$) but none leave my hair feeling so hydrated. Don't know how they do it but it really works. I'm a repeat customer.

Love it
Written by Kendra Solomon on Apr 26th 2021

I used last wash day and it made my hair so soft. My curls came back and my hair looks darker and thicker. I was suffering from hair loss and now my hair isn’t falling out when I touch it. Great product just like everything else here.

Protein conditioner
Written by Diana Pappoe-Sai on Apr 30th 2020

Absolutely love this product. I have bought and used before. Return customer

Intense protein conditioner, Deep Conditioner,
Written by Bene on Feb 26th 2020

I used the intense protein conditioner for the first time. It was amazing, left my type 4 hair high pros hair incredibly soft, curls super defined clean. I than followed with the deep Conditioner which again left my hair super moisturised soft and curls defined and clean. This is the best protein conditioner and deep conditioner I’ve ever tried.

Intense Protein Conditioner (used with deep conditioner)
Written by Miadubb on Jan 7th 2020

I've used this intense protein condition couple with deep conditioner per instructions and feedback from suggestions from the company. I will say after finishing the deep conditioning step and washing it out my hair felt soft like butter, like baby soft (owner mentioned others have said this same thing). Also, only wash out as much as you need. I didn't wash it out to strip my hair of it completely because as instructed in the YouTube videos it can be left in. I did not need to seal my hari/ends nor ad dshea butter for a few days becasue my hair was so moisturized! If you want this feeling I highly recommend. BUT I will say that using the shampoo bar and sealing with shea butter also keeps my hair conditioned so I don't need to deep condition often (only when I first started the products and used detox and followed with intense protein and deep conditioner... oh, and also for before and after flat ironing my hair per company's instructions.

Well Done
Written by RNM on Nov 20th 2019

Me and my sister used it a few days ago and we loved it, I personally experienced my hair feeling hard after using this treatment but I countered that with my mild conditioner as a leave in and made my hair so soft and mosturised for days! Highly Recommend

Intense Protein Treatment
Written by Astrid on Oct 25th 2019

I was a little worried that this intense protein treatment wouldn't reduce my breakage but I was pleasantly surprised to see little to no short hairs in the sink after my first use. My medium density, 4b/4c, low porosity strands felt stronger but not too stiff and following it up with the mango deep conditioner provided just the right amount of moisture balance. Thanks!

Intense Protein Conditioner - unscented
Written by Eve on Oct 10th 2019

I highly recommend the unscented intense protein conditioner. It met all of my expectations. The lavender scented intense protein conditioner had too strong of a scent, and I was unable to keep it in my hair for the desired amount of time because of the over-powering scent. In the future, I will only order the unscented intense protein conditioner.

Intense Protein Conditioner Peppermint
Written by Johnnie Mae on Jul 24th 2019

This hair repair product has exceeded all my expectations in terms of quality.

Protein Treatment
Written by GLORIA JENKINS on Jun 28th 2019

I am so impressed with this product! My little curls are returning!

So in love
Written by Symone on May 29th 2019

I believe my hair loves protein because after using this the first time my hair feels like whole new hair. I don’t know if it’s the twisting cream or this magical conditioner but I could literally feel my cuticles on my hair being closed... I think I’ve finally found my hair regimen my hair is sooo moisturized!!