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This Product is for All Hair Types

This Leave-n-Soft Conditioner is a great moisturizer that seals in moisture and keeps the hair in good condition after the washing process. It helps maintain moisture for longer periods, and will not weigh the hair down. Made with natural ingredients, this product is safe for all hair types. Our Special Formula seals in moisture leaving your hair nourished and shiny for longer periods of time. Use it alone or under heavier sealers, the choice is yours.  Alone, it leaves the hair light weight with a wonderful light scent!  Apply it daily or as needed.  It also help increase hair health which encourages hair growth.  This not a rinse out conditioner.






Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Mango (Mangifera Indica) Butter, Organic Vegetable Oil, Organic Rose Hip Extract, Organic Herbal Extracts, Vitamin E, Natural Preservative, Organic Essential Oil Blend.


Refrigerate for longer storage.






Product Reviews

Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings)
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Leave in conditioner
Written by Deborah Frederick on Dec 18th 2022

Have been using your products for five years. I shaved my head last year after fallout from chemotherapy. I love the leave in but I don’t know what to add after that. I just wet my hair in the shower, add a smidgen of leave in and comb my hair back.

Rich Leave-In Conditioner
Written by Tayrin Bo on Oct 9th 2022

The first thing that I noticed about this leave in was the aroma of a lemon zest muted with a creamy overtone. Haha that is the best way to describe it, like a lemon yogurt. It smelled great, but it did become a bit overwhelming after a while so I recommend using a sealant(oil or butter) with a scent that could combat it. Very moisturizing! 8/10

Written by Gabby Jones on Sep 16th 2022

Awesome in my blow dry routine. So far so good!

Leave-n-soft Conditioner
Written by LeKisha Edmonds on Jul 16th 2022

This leave-in felt sooo good after my wash! My hair was soft, had shine and bounce as a braidout style. Thank you for using the best nutritious ingredients!

Written by Portia Cue on Mar 8th 2022

2 words from this previously dried out 4C sis: THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! ❤

Leave in!!!
Written by Noel on Feb 18th 2022

I finally found a lightweight leave in conditioner that keeps my curls moisturized and doesn't irritate my Scalp. I love it! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and it smells so good!!! These products and their creator are a godsend!!!!

Shiny, tight curl
Written by Kanika on Aug 25th 2021

I have mild heat damage and one day after using this leave-in my hair is definitely shinier, softer, and my curl is coming back. I've been doing other treatments too but I've felt a strong difference after using this product. Will definitely be buying again. I do wish the bottle was completely full, it's pretty pricey.

Deep conditioner
Written by Davetta on Aug 11th 2021

I’m new To the website I purchased the package with hair stew shampoo bar and I could hardly wait it was wet worth it My curls absolutely flourished I love the texture softness And lastly the scent is amazing

Leave n conditioner
Written by Della McGhee on Jun 29th 2021

I’ve use the leave n conditioner once since purchased . So far so good. Very nice feel to the touch of hands, as well, as my hair. Lovely scent. Love the ingredients it contains. I’m a pleased and satisfied customer with this product.

Leave in conditioner
Written by Tiffani Warren on May 20th 2021

Man o man...this stuff is bomb!!! It has great slip and leaves your hair uber fluffy....now ifnyoy need more hold add some gel...but i love this product on its own! The only thing i dont care for is the floral scent but other than that my hair feels moisturized plus more voluminous! Ima a huge fan

Leave in
Written by Ebonee Phillips on May 5th 2021

Yup this product is BOMB! The smell and smoothness & ingredients. Damn, I should have bought 2.

This is fantastic
Written by courtney on Apr 19th 2021

Before this existed the shampoo bar was the sweet yet hard working cleaner I used for years. That has been the best and these are the only products I use to clean my hair. Its so hydrating!! Yet the bar on thick curly volumes of hair was exhausting. This makes cleaning my scalp way easier. Now I use the liquid to clean my scalp and the bar to clean my hair. Makes the products last months longer.

Really good
Written by Vanessa on Apr 9th 2021

I used the Leave N conditioner for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I was really surprised. I don't like to lay on lots of products on my natural hair and I was happy to see that a little product goes a long way. I used it on damp clean hair (I use the liquid lovely shampoo which is GREAT), section by section and put my hair in braids . The moisture in my hair (I have low porosity hair) lasted until the next shampoo, I kid you not ,nothing else , well except water ( that I spray ). I'm not the biggest fan of the smell , it's not strong but I prefer unscented products. The smell is quite like the Ruby gel.

This is the Best Leave In
Written by Saleemah on Feb 24th 2021

This product smells beautiful . It works with the hair. It adds moisture without build up. I am about to place my second order. If you care about using products with al natural ingredients and what you put in your hair... this product is worth the money. I have been natural for the past 20 years. This is hands down the best product on the market. Thank you to the hair healers at Moorket for creating this and many other divine products for natural hair care.

Would be GREAT......
Written by ShAyA on Oct 28th 2020

If the price was lower or the bottle bigger! It’s a really good leave in but the price point hella takes away from that. I understand maybe the ingredients are costly and has to be recovered in addition to compensation for preparing the product. So maybe it’s not too expensive, maybe I just can’t afford it lol...Either way it’s a good leave in and keeps my hair hydrated, shiny, and my curls poppin!

Never have I ever. .
Written by Cherrelder B on Oct 17th 2020

Never have I ever experienced a hair product like this. I used her shampoo bar and mild conditioner and I loved it but pairing both with this leave-in is a must. This leave in left my thick wavy hair soooo slick you would have sworn my virgin hair had a perm lol. Definitely has straightening properties in this all natural product. I will buy more as soon as stock is available Again !

Written by Sherrill on Aug 11th 2020

This leave-in conditioner is amazing! I've been searching for a good leave-in and deep conditioner. I think I found it with 22nd Century. My hair is SO moisturized and soft. Also, I was able to use it for a very light hold twist out.

Twisting Cream!
Written by Teresa on May 29th 2020

OMG!!!! Love it! My hair feels so good and the strength of my strands have improved!! Thank you Mrs.Moorket!!

Leave-In Conditioner
Written by Laquitta on Apr 13th 2020

great smell and feel, a bit expensive for the bottle size - used to getting bigger bottles with this line - just tried it today, will let you know how it turns out in a week

Great detangler
Written by Bretta King on Jan 13th 2020

This product is an excellent detangler/moisturizer

Leave N Hair Conditioner
Written by Lee on Dec 23rd 2019

Absolutely Amazing Results! Leaves my hair shiny, soft, moisturized, and so easy to manage. I also have the peppermint shampoo bar. I have used other products and none of them give me the results of the 22nd Century products. I am ecstatic that I found this company. Their products are the only products that I will ever need.

Leave in conditioner
Written by Pat Moore on Dec 17th 2019

I love this conditioner will order again and again

Leave in Conditioner
Written by Yolanda on Dec 16th 2019

I must say I’m impressed with the wonderful smell and feel however it makes my hair slightly hard not sure why that is. I’m still going to purchase it because when I use the twisting cream along with it my hair doesn’t have that slightly hard feel!

This leave in is good
Written by Felita on Aug 26th 2019

First, I have used the leavein on my hair about 5 times now and each time I have excellent results. It provides slip while I apply it and it is very moisturizing. I have used this in conjunction with the twisting cream and the moisture stays in my hair for the whole week that I keep my protective style in. I am purchasing a back up bottle now. I hope this product stay.

Leave n conditioner
Written by Romonia on Aug 15th 2019

Makes my hair too dry

22nd Century Natural Hair Woman Leave In
Written by J. Williams on Jul 7th 2019

I would like to say. I love this leave in. I have been waiting for it awhile. I apply it after washing my hair. It becomes even more manageable. Please keep this leave in around. I just ordered a new bottle. Can't wait. Hope you are able to make a 8 oz or 16 oz. Its a blessing in a bottle.

Leave in conditioner
Written by Yolanda Brown on Jul 2nd 2019

It didnot do much to my hair. I will just stick wpith the shampoo bar and conditioner.

Leave in conditioner
Written by Ginette Fleurgin on Jun 1st 2019

The only thing I like about this product is the smell. It makes my hair shrink, and tangle at the end even more. It also flakes when my hair is dry. I also think it's too expensive.

Too expensive
Written by marta Teklemariam on May 21st 2019

I like it but it is too expensive but the bottle is a small. It should be cost about $7 to $9 instead of $25. I don't think if I could continue to buy more. If it is for your long hair, it would be out all the same day.

leave in conditioner
Written by Brigette Correa on May 7th 2019

I absolutely love the leave in conditioner. It worked wonderfully for my hair. I have 4c hair and I was able to comb through it easily.

Leave In Conditioner Product Review
Written by Melissa on May 2nd 2019

I have low porosity tight coily fine hair. It made my hair texture feel different. Did a two strand twist was ok the 1st day the second day was drying on the ends of my hair. Will try it again and see if it does better on my hair.

There is the mango!
Written by Amira LeGrand on Apr 20th 2019

I got the whole line and finally smelled the mango in the leave in. Its delightful, light, and defined my curls. My hair did feel more strong than soft so there might be protein in it. At least for my hair. I'm curious on how it will react to gels for wash n go season. I have it currently in for a braid out and everyone can smell the mango! Yes!

In love!
Written by Corey on Apr 20th 2019

I love this conditioner! It has soooo much slip and really gives me shine and definition, thanks again for an amazing hair product!

22nd Century Leave-In
Written by Ja Vonna Williams on Apr 12th 2019

I would like to say the leave-In. Words cannot express the way I feel. The leave in is whats in. My hair is on another level. So so soft. Is this my hair. This will always be in my regimen. Love the smell too.

Leave N Conditioner
Written by Chantel on Apr 8th 2019

I love this leave in. Lightweight, hydrating and nourishing. It provides the perfect foundation upon which to style your hair. A little goes a long way so do not over saturate your hair. I have fine pourous strands, I sectioned my hair in fours and two pumps per section was plenty. I cannot express how much I adore these products my hair is alive and flourishing. Thank you so so much for these tools. My daughters and I are customers for life.