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Liquid Lovely Shampoo is a natural chemical free, smooth, and creamy shampoo that will clean your curls, locs, and waves without stripping natural oils from your hair. This product is designed for men and women who want to maintain healthy beautiful hair. It is also perfect for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals and sodium laureth sulfate. If you prefer a liquid cleanser over the solid shampoo bar, then look no further!  Go ahead and get the Great home spa experience you deserve. The end result?  Healthy chemical free bouncy hair is what you're after! So go ahead and pair it with one of our moisturizing Conditioners to ween yourself completely from the chemical cocktails that plague your bathroom! This shampoo helps increase hair health which encourages hair growth.  This product is a cleanser not a conditioner. 







Ingredients: Purified Water, Saponified Organic Oils, Organic Raw Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) Butter, Organic Cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) Extract, (a natural antioxidant), Natural Preservative, Organic Turmeric Extract (Curcuma Longa) for natural Color, Organic Essential Oil Blend.





Product Reviews

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Liquid Lovely Shampoo
Written by LeKisha Edmonds on Jul 16th 2022

The Lavender scent is my new favorite! My hair and scalp was left feeling clean and still moisturized to detangle. Again, a little goes a long way! These products are definitely a Godsend! Thank you 22nd Century! Much appreciation!

The product that started it all for me!!
Written by Noel on Feb 18th 2022

The shampoo bar was the very first item that I purchased a few years back and let me just say that ever since I tried one, I have tossed all my other store brought shampoos. The hype over her shampoo bars are real and I refuse to wash my hair with anything else! I adore them!!! I recently saw that the shampoo bar also comes in a liquid form and decided to try it out and I am impressed! I still prefer the shampoo bars because I like the feeling of using the bar but from henceforth I will be purchasing both the bars and the liquid together because they essentially are the same and I like having options when it comes to my favorite product!!

Written by Courtney on Dec 23rd 2021

This is the best shampoo for my hair, everything else I've ever used strips it and it feels so dry! I can feel such a difference in my curls clumping and not frizzing out after a few days. I just ordered some last week and it came so quickly, also it has a pump head now!!! What a joy to watch this buisness grow,

Former User
Written by Vickie Pierret on Oct 5th 2021

I've had my locs for 1 yrs 6 months.and I became a product junky for locs, I remember 22th Century Naural Women products when I was loose natural. I'm glad I finally returned using lovely shampoo and conditioner had my locs. moisturize and hydrate. after a wash. I was able to palm roll my loc with only oil and water and the result was so freshly done. Thanks again

1st time user
Written by Nadja on Aug 31st 2021

I have been testing out these products for almost ninety days: Shampoo bar and Mild conditioner, I used the detox kit before applying anything to my hair. I loved them all and was impressed by the change in my curl pattern. I did need to contact Mrs. 22nd Century directly though, and was very pleased with her humble professionalism while we spoke on the phone. She helped me understand how to use her products before I even made my first purchased. Going forward I know that if I did run into any problems or had any questions she would be there to help. I will continue to purchase my hair care treatments from her.

Best Shampoo Ever!!
Written by Gwendolyn Hubbard on Jul 21st 2021

I have been watching your videos for a while on and off. There was a black natural hair store in Atlanta and that’s where I brought my natural products. Since the pandemic they closed there doors and are on line only. Well recently I saw another one of your videos. I decided to purchase because I always wanted to….but never wanted to wait for the products. My mouth was wide open. I was thinking How did she do this.. My hair felt clean , soft and curls define from a shampoo.. . I purchased some more products today. God Bless You for what you do… Big Thanks!!!!

Excellent product !
Written by Vanessa on Apr 9th 2021

I love the liquid lovely shampoo. I've been using it for a few months now and my hair loves it. It is very moisturizing and soft to my natural hair. It even helps detangling my hair. I've ordered 3 times already . I'm impressed. The shampoo is quite thick so I simply "heat it up" a little to make it easier for my convenience but other than that , it is perfect . Try it, you won't be sorry :-)

Awaiting on my product
Written by Mary Sanders on Apr 22nd 2020

I am a newbie and reading everyone reviews I can’t wait to get mines. I have been natural for 12 1/2 years and I still haven’t found the product for my hair, I don’t have the length, my short term goal is to find out what product works best for my hair. My long term goal is to continue maintain my hair to grow longer and healthy to my bra strap. The reason why I gave a 4 is because I haven’t tried it; but I will return once and give it a rating.

great product
Written by Bretta King on Jan 13th 2020

This shampoo is an excellent cleanser. I have compared it to other great shampoos like shea moisture products and it surpasses them!

Liquid Lovely Shampoo
Written by Natalie on Sep 2nd 2019

I am so thankful that I made this purchase. I washed my hair tonight for the first time with this shampoo, and my hair was so soft and it smelled amazing (lemon scent). I washed it twice and my hair was not stripped, but it was still very soft. I will definitely be purchasing this again as I am extremely pleased with the results.

Liquid Lovely Shampoo
Written by LaToshia Noel on Aug 26th 2019

I absolutely love the shampoo bar and have used it faithfully for 2 years. Though I love the bar, I missed the convenience of a liquid. I tried the Liquid Lovely and I am hooked! It is wonderful. Moisturizing and non-stripping just like the bar. Thank you for making this product 22nd Century. Customer for life!

Liquid Lovely Shampoo
Written by Dawn Hudson on Jul 18th 2019

I love it! I like the bar, but the liquid is more convenient for me. I love the natural ingredients and convenience.