Please Note:  If your hair is thin, you may not need over night conditioning treatments.  30-45 min should be enough.  if your hair is too dry, try one over night conditioning treatment.


To condition, on damp hair spread conditioner from root to tip. Use a plastic cap to cover hair and leave conditioner in overnight and rinse it out in the morning. After rinsing, gently squeeze water from each section of hair or pat (not rub) gently with a towel or T shirt and style or set with a braid out or twist out.

For all day conditioning, apply to damp hair (not dripping wet) followed by a plastic cap, cover plastic cap with a scarf (thick cotton headbands around the edge of the scarf helps catch conditioner drippings during the day), proceed to wrap head with a stylish head wrap.

For 30 minute conditioning, apply followed by a plastic cap and heating cap on low for thirty minutes.

For very dry hair deep conditioning is recommended.

For quick conditioning, apply after cleansing hair and rinse.

For leave in conditioning and setting, apply a pea size before twisting or braiding. It helps set twists or braids and moisturize same time.

Enjoy your new soft moisturized hair!

Please Note:   Keep in a cool dry place. If using this conditioner over long periods of time, after 1 month of refrigeration freeze leftovers. These instructions are simply guidelines feel free to experiment and see what works for you.


Thank you!

Check out the video below for a tutorial on using the conditioner.