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This Natural Hair Detox Kit is our Original Famous Detox Kit for Natural Hair! It restores hair to its natural beauty in one shot.  All the products in this kit are designed to gently remove chemicals and toxins from the hair and scalp. The end result? Your hair will return to its natural beauty. This is a three-piece kit that includes a shampoo bar, deep conditioner, and clay powder.  The natural ingredients in our products are well-known for their ability to cleanse and nourish the hair without harsh chemicals. We highly recommend this kit for beginners and is a simple solution to cleansing and re-invigorating your hair. The clay and shampoo bar gently removes dirt and impurities while helping to remove the buildup of natural oils on the scalp. The conditioner is designed to leave your hair soft, silky, and manageable. Watch your moisture levels and curls renew itself right before your eyes! It turns crunchy hard hair into bouncy soft juicy curls that you didn't know you had.  So go ahead and ween yourself completely from the chemical cocktails that plague your bathroom!  This kit helps increase hair health which encourages hair growth.



No Parabens, No PEGs, No Artificial Perfumes, No PolyQuats or Quats, No Artificial Colors, No Plastics, No Sodium Laureth Sulfate, No Sodium Lauros Anything, No Glycerin, No Alcohols, No Mineral Oil, No Cones, No PVPs, No Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride.




Detox Kit includes: 8 ounces of Plain Deep, Mild ,or Mango Conditioner, 1/2 of  Shampoo Bar,  and 8 ounces of Pure Clay

(See individual products for ingredients list)


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Detox Kit
Written by Elan on Jun 16th 2021

I enjoyed using this kit. My scalp felt really nice afterwards. I used leftovers on my face! Really nice.

Written by karo Amvane on Apr 5th 2021

Really I am very happy for the clay and the vinegar it is really a very effective product. I tested it on my daughter. She slept with it all night is really it's the texture of her hair has changed, it's softer and it's been a week since it hasn't changed the hair shines and it's really impressive . I suffer from alopecia. I also embarked on the care my hair does not fall out it's been a week already. It's finish. I definitely remain a customer for life, I took practically all the ranges. I am waiting to test the other products to come back and make the returns. Thank you very much, God bless you.

Detox Kit
Written by Camika S on Aug 29th 2020

This kit did an amazing job on my hair. I followed the instructions to a t and my results were very noticeable. My hair is so soft and moisturized. I could never get these results with other so called natural hair products. Now I cannot wait to use the shampoo bars!

Clay Detox
Written by Tyler Converse on Jun 21st 2020

This is a great “reset” if you are a coily-girl transitioning from chemical based hair products or just starting your natural hair journey. My hair LOVED this detox and my coils popped afterwards. The conditioner in the kit was also amazing. My hair loved it. My only regret is mixing the whole batch at once, half was plenty.

Clay detox
Written by Patrice Burrell on May 6th 2020

I was so impressed with the detox kit I’ve been natural for a year and until the lit my hair has never been so soft and manageable I seen curls I never knew I had✅

Great Detox (more than one use!)
Written by Miadubb on Jan 7th 2020

The clay detox I believe could be used for 2, maybe even 3 uses. I suggest to follow the instructions given on this website BUT divide the measurements into half or thirds.... DON't use all of the clay unless you have as much hair as the owner bc then you may be able to use it all! lol I do believe the detox helped my hair feel more soft and supple. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS... don't leave the detox on longer than what's recommended because if it hardens I'm sure it'll take FOREVER to wash out. BUT instead of throwing the clay mix away I've been using it as a clay mask 1-2 times a week. I heard it has benefits for the skin as well... my skin was pretty soft after usage so I'm sure it probably has some rejuvination effects and help with large open pores. If you leave the mask on your face too long it'll get really hard and may be sensitive to wash off so I'd say maybe 10-15 minutes is sufficient!

Detox Kit
Written by Ruby Howlett on Sep 24th 2019

I purchased the detox kit and an extra shampoo bar with the deep conditioner and 22nd Century sent me a free sample of the Ruby Gel. I thought that was very nice of her. Everything came packaged secure and that is important when you live in Az. Once I bought Shea butter from Etsy and their packaging was horrible. I liked the Clay wash and will continue to use it on and off every few months or so. Thank you so much for freshly making my package!

Detox kit
Written by Yvoge on Aug 8th 2019

The detox kit left my hair really clean and it brought life back to my hair.

Great Detox
Written by Laudz on Jul 2nd 2019

Great detox kit. It brings back my curls and completely clean my hair

Detox trial on alopecia scalp
Written by D on Apr 4th 2019

This was my first use of the detox kit. It was easy to use, 2 easy steps. It made my scalp feel light, clean fresh and it didn't make my scalp feel dry it felt clean. I used the deep conditioner after which wasn't heavy and weighed down. I will be using the kit again in a month.

Love the Detox Kit
Written by Claudia Tillery on Feb 23rd 2019

I never heard of detoxing the hair and scalp, so I decided to order and try the 22nd century detox kit because my hair is very dry especially during the winter and I sometimes have dandruff in colder months. The clay really cleansed my hair and scalp. My hair felt so clean and very moisturized that I only needed to use very little of the deep conditioner. So impressed with the detox kit. I will be reordering this kit in the future. I definitely recommend this product. Order it and use it - I know you will agree.

So Amazed!
Written by Katrina Wade on Feb 1st 2019

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bit skeptical when I saw the packaging , the container with the conditioner had a little leakage and the clear tape didn't seem to help. BUT let me tell you after I followed the instructions with this detox kit, my hair was so soft and clean. The conditioner liked melted my tangles away and surprising I had less shedding when washing. I experienced the " sebum" and thank-fully 22nd century was real clear about what to expect from using her products and knowing your hair. I am believer and this was well worth the $$. Thank-you so much for your advice on natural hair care and all that you do!! Much Love!!

Shampoo bar and deep conditioner
Written by Lisa on Feb 1st 2019

The shampoo is excellent my hair was very soft and manageable after usage. The deep conditioner was excellent and very nourishing.

Twisting Cream
Written by O McClain on Jan 15th 2019

My hair is still damp but so far I like it. It’s not greasy/oily. Initially I was mixing Shea Butter and olive oil in a container and twisting my hair. That combo did make my hair too oily even after it dried - so we will see how this works once it dries. Has minimal smell which I like too.

Great Product
Written by Taylor Downing on Oct 17th 2018

I have been wearing my hair naturally lately and using quite a few products. Some great, some not so great. So after watching your videos, I decided to give it a chance. I couldn't believe how light and free my hair felt after using the Bentonite clay! I saw the definition in my hair. Then I used the conditioner and I'll have to use it again on my next wash day. But I am truly looking forward to using more of your products. I just ordered the oil.

When I first heard about detoxing the hair I thought it sounded silly. The more I watched her videos, however, I realized that she obviously had a clue about something I did not. I purchased this product because I wanted to begin using these produc
Written by Nikki on Oct 8th 2018

Thank you for this wonderful product. You were born with that afro because you were chosen to give the knowledge to the goddesses that have lost our way on this dimension. Thank you!

Detox Kit
Written by Karen on Aug 28th 2018

I brought the Detox Kit for my 2 yr old that has eczema and tend to scratch her scalp a lot. The Betonite Clay really brought her hair back to the very beginning and the conditioner. Babbbbyyyyy when I tell you her hair was so moisturized and I didn't really need to derange it while it was still in her hair. I can't wait to use the shampoo bar in on her next wash day.

Detoxing my Natural Hair all the way from UK
Written by Denise on Aug 22nd 2018

I cannot THANK-YOU ENOUGH, blessings, blessings blessings to you 22nd Century. Over a year ago I stopped using hair gel as my hair thinned and broke off badly in the front. I've been using your shampoo bar since last October. I've been suffering from dryness, frizz, now recently dermatitis of scalp. I followed your instructions on detoxing with bentonite clay and with ACV i was so shocked when i rinsed out it removed all dead skin from scalp and left my hair SO CLEAN, LIGHT AND CONDITIONED i didn't even need to use your 22nd century deep conditioner, i applied my natural styling cream to two strand twist, and used natural pomade to lightly grease scalp to lessen dryness and sealed with your yellow African shea butter, my hair is so thick and shiny no frizz, and is moisturised. i can't believe how much i messed up my hair and scalp over the years by using soo much synthetic products, my strands were aked up and wouldn't act right, now it beautiful. Thank-you so much you have a customer for life!!!!

Bentonite Clay Detox
Written by tanjaPurchased on Jul 27th 2018

This was my first time using this product. My scalp and hair felt deeply cleansed and without any irritation whosoever. It was actually a very pleasant experience. I recommend this product.

Detox kit
Written by Sarah Lockhart on Jul 27th 2018

My hair is very soft and moist after using 22nd Century woman, people outside my family perm my hair when I was a young child and my hair has never been the same. I went natural 9 years ago and it matter not how much conditioner and hair lotion and oil I put on my hair the hair remain DRY. I search high and low and went to you tube following tips from there it did not help my hair at all I was at the point of giving up been natural. I ran across 22nd century woman videos I see her beautiful hair and her girls beautiful hair! I said okay I'm going to give her products a try if this doesn't work I will give up! Thank you 22nd woman I detox my hair your products is life saving and I have great joy my hair is so very soft and moisturized and guest what, I can style my hair now, I love your product and can't wait for shampoo day oh yes the shampoo bar. I'm excited about the future and a big thanks to my sister Jacqueline Goree for ordering your products for me. Much love and thanks to you PEACE!

Detox Clay
Written by Delsita on Jun 28th 2018

It smells sooo good! My hair never felt this clean! - love it!

It's really work
Written by on Apr 17th 2018

It's really work

Written by Lynette Burris on Mar 8th 2018

Love how my hair feels. Renewed my hair and it feels detoxed.

Amazing New Start!!
Written by Tiffany Wright on Feb 28th 2018

This set is a must! Iv'e only purchased "natural" products by well known brands yet still found myself with dry hair. After receiving this kit, I followed all directions, applied the clay, and watched as my hair started to curl instantaneously. rinsing in the shower, I couldn't believe what was happening with my hair. The conditioner is soooo moisturizing, it's not heavy and useless like most store brought "deep conditioners". Simple ingredients yet it does what the tons of conditioners I have used over the years have failed to do. I'm eyeing my shampoo bar twirling my thumbs because I cant wait for my next wash day to try it. Thank you for creating these products with care, I am grateful that after all these years I finally have something that is truly natural and that works. Definitely will be ordering more products.

Detox kit
Written by DeVona on Jan 9th 2018

I loved it. Mixing the clay with the oil I chosen made the whole process worth wild. Just to notice how my hair really loved the way the detox penetrated the hair. Now I can’t wait for the out come of taken better care of my hair.

I like it
Written by Pat on Dec 14th 2017

All I can say is thanks again I tried it which it came without instructions but what I did was I went on your YouTube channel and it told me everything I needed to know

3 stars
Written by Jackie on Dec 7th 2017

I can't really say right now because I only used it once. After I used it again, then I can make a firm review. I am still learning my hair.

Shampoo Bar
Written by Michelle on Nov 24th 2017

We love this shampoo bar scent and results after use.

Written by Pam on Nov 20th 2017

This product made my hair feel so light and fluffy. I thought I had 4C hair. But after using this I really don't know. My hair holds moisture so much better as well. It's like I got a weave in. My hair has so much more movement as well. Just follow the product instructions and youll be good. I love this product. Thank you so much.

Great product
Written by BeeBee on Nov 16th 2017

Great products

Detox kit
Written by QueenBella on Oct 4th 2017

I think that you do not need to buy the detox kit here if you are already buying the soap and deep conditioner separately. You can buy your clay on your own and do the detox. The kit is nothing special.

detox kit
Written by VERONICA weeks on Sep 19th 2017

I love the shampoo bar was not stripping to my hair it felt very soft after shampooing which is unusual for my hair definitely noticed an improvement in my hair after using the deep conditioner was very moisturizing and my hair felt soft

Ahnas Nero
Written by Ahnas Nero on Aug 15th 2017

The detox kit is great for those who want to start over on their hair and this is my first time using a detox on my hair and it leaves my hair soft.