Ruby Hair Gel

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This Hair Gel is Vegan and Protein Sensitive friendly.  It has a flake free durable hold. It can maintain the shape and hold any hairstyle.At the same time it offers you a clean shiny invisible hold for that ponytail or bun and is great for wash -n- gos, braid outs, and twist outs.  Comes in 4, 8, 16, and 32 ounce sizes. This product helps increase hair health which encourages hair growth.  You can opt for protein for a more intense hold strengthening hold!







Ingredients: Purified Water, Natural Organic Gum, Organic Pure Oil, Natural Preservatives, Natural Color, Natural Preservative, Organic Essential Oil Blend.









Product Reviews

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Ruby hair gel
Written by Natalie on Mar 18th 2022

This is a good gel unfortunately it's not for me.

efficient gel
Written by Vanessa on Apr 9th 2021

22nd century Ruby Hair Gel does exactly what I want it to. It is soft , the smell is discreet. It is a good option for me when I'm braiding my hair or when I want a very sleek look.

22 century Ruby Gel
Written by Deborah Jenkins on Jan 21st 2021

I love the Ruby Gel, I like ponytails and this product really keeps my hair together. Not sure if it should be refrigerated, please let me know.

Ruby Gel
Written by Rolanda Sabree on Jan 6th 2021

This gel is awesome. The hold isn’t too strong but it perfect for my braid and twist out styling. Also it has a light sweet scent. Definitely ordering again!

Written by Mia on Oct 14th 2020

I'm Just running out of this gel after purchasing it 3+ YEARS AGO. Now I do only use it for special occasions and I don't need much to lay down my edges. It started to mold this year but I just scooped out the molded part and kept using it lol! I think if you freeze it may preserve it longer. I may try that next time I purchase! Only drawback for me is that it's more wet than the old school black gel so I have to set my hair with a scarf for it to dry and set in place! BUT no flaking or dryness! AND it smells AMAZING! Try it out!

Hair gel review
Written by L Robertson on Jul 28th 2020

Great for fly away hair and edges. It is really good if you are going for that nice natural look. I use as edge control after I style.

Ruby gel review
Written by Carmen on Jun 30th 2020

Considering it’s an all natural gel!!!! I was not expecting to have my hair lay!! I’ve have watched numerous videos on her channel!! And with the common eye!!!i don’t think it’s made to slick the hair down like most unnatural hair gels with all the crap!!! I love this product and my hair loves it as well... I have created a love bond with my hair! And her products are exactly the type of love my hair needs.

Ruby gel
Written by Cecilia St Brice on May 17th 2019

This is my second review on the ruby gel. The first time I spoke too soon. Yes I still love the gel but one thing I noticed was , it doesn’t lay my sides down at all no matter how much I put on there. Since it’s not able to lay my sides down, I wouldn’t dare try to put it throughout my whole head fo lay it down cuz it would be a wast. Plus it’s not enough in that jar to even mess around and it’s wasted . Anyway , it’s a very good for two strand twist you don’t need to put a lot to get good results. It smell great. I would only rate it at a three this time b/c it’s too expensive for the amount you receive plus it doesn’t lay my edges down and that’s a big deal for me.

Written by Cecilia St Brice on May 5th 2019

I love the gel. For a minute there I thought it wasn’t going to work on my double strand twist but it did. My curls were so defined and my hair was so soft. You don’t need to use a lot at all. I just dip my finger in for a platvat a time. I could nvr go back to regular gel again. Thanks 22nd Century natural woman.

Formula or My Application Needs Work
Written by Eboni on Mar 26th 2019

I like how this gel defines my curls and like all thick-haired naturals, I appreciate the slip-factor. It really helps to separate my bigger clumps of curls without getting frizzy. That being said, I do feel that the formula may need to be re-worked. This product dries crispy like pure flaxseed gel. It doesn't matter if I put shea and olive oil on my hair before or after, it still dries like egg white in my hair. I've rubbed it through, shingled - the works. Still doesn't quite make the mark. Otherwise, it smells great and I'm sure it's healthy for my hair with it's natural ingredients. If another formula is released in the future, I will try it however I am done with the one I have at this time.

Ruby Gel
Written by Patricia Perkins on Sep 20th 2018

It did not lay my hair down

Ruby Gel
Written by Karla on Sep 7th 2018

I really like the ruby gel. I am not one who uses gel. So, I am glad this is the first one that I decided to use. It is not tacky, crunchy or stiff on my hair. It has only been a week since I received this product. So I am hoping I keep getting this same result. Thank you.

Written by Felita on Aug 23rd 2018

I tried this gel to smooth out my edges for work while putting my hair in a bun. It is a soft light gel that provides a soft hold. I really like it. I brushed it into my edges and then used a scarf to keep my hair in place while it dried. I loved the end result. My hair was not stiff or hard after it dried. Additionally, my edges were still smooth the next day and I was able to bun my hair up again without needing any extra product. I just used a light misting of water, lightly brushed my edges, placed a scarf on to set and my hair looked nice. This is perfect for my hair and how I like to style my hair. Thanks for making this gel.

Works for type 2 hair maybe 3a
Written by Zoopath on Aug 22nd 2018

I have type 4 hair and use gel for twist outs. It sat on top of the hair, didn't give much hold and seemed oily. It worked much better for my daughter's type 2 hair.

Written by Shirley Robinson on Jun 21st 2018

This gel is everything, no build up, no flaking, every gel or end control made my hair stiff or hard not this one, hair very soft and shiny. I use the gel with the twisting cream have never achieve and perfect twist out until using all Moorket products. My hair love these products, thank you for making quality products.

The best gel by far
Written by Ke ke on Apr 9th 2018

I like it ... I had brought tons of gel to hold my hair and none of them didn’t work .. this gel will keep your hair hold and flake free. Buy it. It’s worth to try ...

Another great one!
Written by Husna Desire Kaliisa on Jan 5th 2018

The ruby gel is unlike any gel. It's light. It won't feel heavy but it holds and it's slick. The colour is so beautiful and it smells heavenly, like it's been infused with something nice. I'm glad I trusted my gut and got the bigger one!

Ruby Gel
Written by Nancy A on Dec 21st 2017

Smells great, nourishing gel.

22nd Ruby Gel
Written by Yolanda Berryhill on Dec 16th 2017

Well, well, well I’ve fallen in love with this gel! This gel wiggles is its container yet it’s not slippery on my fingers but most of all it’s a keeper for my hair. I used it on dirty hair because I was eager to use it & I can only imagine what’s going to happen on clean hair! This gel shines and softens my hair along with setting and redefining my curls

Written by Fast Fro on Nov 7th 2017

More flakes than I have ever seen before. I have 4C Afro hair and I used this product on damp hair without any additional products. It left my hair soft but flaky.

Ruby Gel
Written by LeKisha on Oct 2nd 2017

I appreciate the simple ingredients in this gel. Unfortunately, it does not seem to hold my edges well. The video showcasing the gelatin got me excited for the gel but this gel w/o the gelatin doesn't seem to work for me. It is moisturizing and non flaking.

Ruby gel.
Written by undefined on Sep 27th 2017

I absolutely love, love, love this hair gel! A gel I can use that lays down my hair and my edges. Love it!

Ruby gel
Written by Heiress on Aug 29th 2017

Was everything and more. I will never use any other gel again. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!

Ahnas Nero
Written by Ahnas Nero on Aug 15th 2017

This gel smells good but it's watery it doesn't hold up like other gels but I did put it in the icebox for a day but it was still watery.

Great so far!
Written by Mia on Aug 1st 2017

No flaking! smells great! hold is very nice!